Dalian Longcheng Food Group, founded in 2002, is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in the whole industry chain, focusing on the production and processing of broilers. After years of continuous development, the group has become a comprehensive modern group enterprise integrating feed and additive production, broiler breeding, broiler hatching, broiler feeding, broiler free range, organic fertilizer production, broiler and poultry technical services and broiler processing and export. The company covers an area of 3.3 million square meters, has more than 1,900 employees and a total asset of more than 1 billion yuan. In 2019, the total output value was 2 billion yuan, the sales revenue was 2 billion yuan, and the annual export revenue was more than 50 million US dollars.
     The group has 16 high-standard modern broiler breeding and breeding areas, covering an area of more than 1 million square meters. Since 2018, the company has also taken the lead in investing 200 million yuan to build and rebuild fully automatic cage chicken houses. All residential areas have realized three-dimensional cage breeding, and more than 20 million commercial broilers are produced annually. It will play a leading role in the standardization breeding and management of dalian broiler industry.
     In addition to self-support, The group's Penglong enterprise also adopts the operation mode of "company + farmer" and "company + broker + farmer" to absorb a large number of rural labor force employment. The implementation of contract breeding, credit, free range, recovery of guaranteed prices. Strict implementation of unified for young, unified feeding, unified feeding, unified epidemic prevention, unified slaughter, so that the source of chicken is guaranteed, farmers have profits.

Dalian Longcheng Food Group

It was built in 2002

It covers an area of 3.3 million square meters

There are more than 1900 employees

Its total assets are more than 1 billion yuan

Chicken division products more than 20 kinds

     The group has 9 meat breeder farms, raising more than 500,000 sets of parental breeder chickens annually and producing 80 million eggs annually. In recent years, the company continues to increase the construction and transformation of the chicken farm, received obvious results. The ecological epidemic prevention system of all in and all out is adopted in the community. There is no pollution source around, the epidemic prevention conditions are good, and the enclosed management is adopted to ensure the quality of breeding chickens and eggs, as well as the egg source of hatchery.
     The group's two broiler hatcheries, covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, are all equipped with modern intelligent incubators, with a daily output of more than 200,000 chickens and an annual output of more than 50 million fine chickens.
Feed processing co., LTD., strictly according to the broiler feed formula production. Annual production of quality feed more than 400,000 tons.
     The food companies of the Group have always paid attention to the upgrading and transformation of slaughtering equipment. In 2015, the company introduced a set of automatic front-end viscera processing equipment with international advanced level from the Netherlands, and automated procedures were adopted for all chickens from "slaughter" to "partition" after being put into the market. At present, the average daily slaughter capacity of the two slaughter lines can reach 250,000. In 2020, more than 80 million yuan will be invested to introduce two fully automatic production lines. The daily slaughter capacity was increased to 400,000. In order to ensure the safety of production, the enterprise also invested 50 million yuan to renovate the refrigeration equipment as a whole and introduce the full brake carbon dioxide refrigeration equipment to replace the original liquid ammonia refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration system after the transformation has high safety performance, which provides favorable guarantee for the safety production of enterprises. It is not only environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, but also promotes the sustainable development of enterprises. After the expansion of the cold storage capacity has reached 16,000 tons, the daily quick-freezing capacity can reach 1,000 tons.

     At the same time of sustainable development, we should constantly pay attention to environmental protection. Group in strict accordance with the requirements and in dalian wafangdian city people's government, adhere to the ecological development of people-oriented principle, has invested nearly 20 million yuan, the 16 farming village all establish a unified, standardized dung and closed treatment tank, in 2019, the newly built two larger high standards of waste centralized processing center, to establish the standardization of processing workshops of sewage treatment system and equipment, sewage produced by completely discharging standard. Specially established harmless treatment system and equipment, for sick dead chickens and other residues that must be processed for centralized processing.
     All the broiler products produced by the Group Food Company have obtained the quality system certification and food safety management system certification. The company attaches great importance to the reputation of enterprises and the quality of products, equipped with professional quality inspection institutions and laboratory testing institutions, formulate strict inspection procedures in and out of the factory; The processed products shall be inspected before leaving the factory and labeled as qualified for quarantine; Over the years, the company's product sales gradually expanded, the reputation of the products known throughout the country. And the export countries and regions are increasing year by year, the products are exported to the Caribbean, the Middle East, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions.

       Group has won the national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, top ten Chinese poultry processing enterprises, the ministry of agriculture, agricultural products processing export model enterprise, national frontier enterprise, utilized the second animal husbandry industry outstanding enterprises, China's liaoning province agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, private enterprises in liaoning province and dalian city AAA grade credit enterprise, comprehensive strength hundred strong private enterprises in dalian, dalian federation arranged laid-off workers re-employment of advanced units such as the glorious title.
       With unswerving innovation and development, the group has become the vanguard and leading enterprise of broiler industry in Wafangdian City and even Dalian. Has served as the president unit of Dalian Wafangdian Broiler Industry Association for 10 consecutive years.
       At the beginning of its establishment in 2002, the group established a Party organization under the leadership of the local Party committee. The Party branch mainly did the following aspects of work: one is to play the core role of the Party organization in the development of the enterprise, the establishment of the life and learning system of the Party organization, is conducive to promoting the development of the enterprise; Second, it pays attention to the development of advanced members in enterprises to join the Party. Since the establishment of the organization, it has developed more than 50 members and now has 52 members. Third, strengthen the study and education of Party members, so as to enhance the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members in their respective posts. At present, these Party members are the backbone of enterprises.
       DALIAN LONGCHENG FOOD GROUP WILL CONTINUE TO DEVELOP TO THE SCALE, INTENSIFICATION, PRODUCT DEEP PROCESSING, HARM-FREE BREW AND HIGH-TECH WITH THE NEW MANAGEMENT IDEA. With strict management, the best quality, private mechanism, sincere credibility, and constantly obtain economic and social benefits of the win-win situation. Truly in the agricultural industrialization construction plays a leading and demonstration role for the rural economic development and transformation of Wafangdian City to make due contributions!

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