Dalian Longcheng Food Group Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is a large commercial organic fertilizer production enterprise in Liaoning province, with a total investment of 55.1 million yuan, covering an area of 33,000 square meters. The company uses the chicken manure from the broiler breeding base of the Group company, adopts modern composting system, and applies biotechnology to transform the chicken manure into a stable and harmless organic fertilizer. Achieve the group farm emissions harmless, resources and industrialization treatment. It can produce 260 tons of fresh chicken manure per day, 40,000 tons of commercial organic fertilizer per year, and 15,000 tons of waste straw per year. My company and the Beijing Beijing nursery garden biological engineering co., LTD. And the research and development of higher scientific research institutions to form alliance, at the same time the introduction of foreign advanced technology, together to create a new platform in industrial technology, research and development of improve the quality of cultivated land and land resources protection active organic fertilizer, and low production in soil productivity quickly xs active organic fertilizer, Different functional active organic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer and other three categories of more than 10 varieties of products.
      Dalian tang liuzhou food group co., LTD., production of active organic fertilizer, is the cultivation of chicken manure as the main body, use of modern biotechnology out specific compound microbial flora (mainly including cellulose decomposing bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, the protein decomposing bacteria, organic phosphorus bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast and actinomyces dozens of beneficial microbes), A fertilizer containing a large amount of organic matter and a variety of nutrient elements produced by biological fermentation. This product integrates the advantages of biological fertilizer and organic fertilizer, which can improve soil fertility, make and assist crops to absorb nutrients and activate insoluble compounds in the soil for crops to absorb and use. Produce a variety of active substances and anti-disease substances, have good stimulation and regulation of crop growth, reduce or reduce the occurrence of crop diseases and insect pests; Improve soil micro-ecosystem, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, improve the quality of agricultural products and other aspects of the role.
      The company is based on science and technology, market-oriented, quality of survival, integrity and development of the purpose, to lead the regional biological organic fertilizer industry healthy development, promote the development of modern urban agriculture. Make our due contribution for developing resource - saving and environment - friendly agriculture.
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Dalian Longcheng Food Group Fertilizer Co. Ltd

      Fertilizer has the ability of fixing nitrogen, dissolving phosphorus and dissolving potassium, activating insoluble compounds in the soil for crops to absorb and use, making and assisting crops to absorb nutrients. Improve soil fertility capacity. At the same time, also contain a variety of special effects, in the process of the growth of microorganisms, and plant growth hormone can secrete a variety of antibiotics, not only can restrain the activity of plant pathogenic microorganisms, have the effect of prevention and control of plant diseases, and can stimulate the crop growth, make its root development, promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, protein and nucleic acid, increase crop resistance.

Increase soil fertilizer and reduce disease.

      This product contains a lot of organic matter - humus, is an important material for soil fertilizer, its role can not be replaced by chemical fertilizer. The application of this fertilizer can continuously increase the content of soil organic matter, improve soil structure, increase soil porosity, improve soil water and fertilizer retention and ventilation ability, make the soil loose, and make the tillage better.

Improve soil fertility, improve soil properties.

Fertilizer effect and function

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